Friday, December 11, 2009

Funny Conversations 3

Pema Chodron: "Ani Damchoe Wangmo!  One four three!"

Me: (thinking a moment) "I love you, too."

Ngawang Sherab:  "ga re za?"

Pema Chodron: "One zer na I, four zer na love, three zer na you."

(from the balcony outside) Lobsang Palmo*:  Damchoe Wangmo!  One four three!

Me:  "Khyerang la one four three lo!"


Tibetan words:

ga re za = what did you say?

zer na= if you say that it means...

khyed rang la = to you

lo= not sure how to translate this, cute, girly way to end your sentences, very common among young nuns.


* Lobsang Palmo is a very Eastern Tibetan nun who speaks no English, except, apparently "one four three".

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Funny Conversations 2

Me: "How much is a ticket to Kolkata?

Ticket Agent/Coffee bean retailer:  "You want to go to Kolkata with a K or Calcutta with a C?"

Me: "They are the same place."

Agent: "They are the same place?"

Me: "You are an Indian, why are you asking me?"

-- in Kushalnagar village

Monday, December 07, 2009

Overheard at the nunnery

"Don't ask questions to the exam supervisors.  You've had a whole year to learn these things.  And besides, it has been so many years since we've studied these things - we've forgotten everything."

--a Lopon speaking at the shedra meeting on 'How to write final exams'

Friday, December 04, 2009

Howarts vs. Namdroling Monastery

Hogwarts is a castle.

Namdroling is comprised of a few dozen buildings, centered around four temples - which are somewhat castle-like.

Hogwarts is divided into Houses.

Namdroling's charter forbids the formation of organizations based on race, views, because these could lead to schisms in the Sangha... like the rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Hogwarts has Harry Potter, the Chosen One.

Namdroling has dozens of chosen ones, ie. reincarnate lamas.

Hogwarts educates young witches and wizards.

Namdroling educates monks and nuns, most of whom have no magical powers.

Hogwarts gets attacked by Lord Voldermort.

Namdroling gets attacked by... excessive hot weather? bus loads of tourists? bees?

Hogwarts' professors are masters of various types of magic.

Namdroling's lamas are masters of the various methods of attaining enlightenment.

Hogwarts students learn how to perform magic.

Namdroling students learn to cut through illusion with wisdom.

Hogwarts exists in the imagination of the world.

Namdroling exists in the world which exists in the imagination.