Monday, January 05, 2009

You are a Westerner who has been living in a Tibetan community in India too long if:

  • you have yama (sinitus)
  • you do the head wobble thing
  • you start sentences with "We Tibetans..."
  • you start sentences with "Those Injees..."
  • you speak Tibetan to Indians and Hindi to Tibetans
  • you don't know the word in Tibetan you say it in Hindi
  • you say "shit" (in English) every time you drop something
  • you don't know the name of any vegetables in Tibetan but you do in Hindi or Chinese
  • you'd actually prefer to have butter tea
  • prefer to tell people phone numbers in Chinese or English rather than Tibetan
  • you point with your lips
  • you think this post is funny because it is true